Zona 00 e permacultura. Un'invenzione italiana? A quanto pare no.
Non ricordo più chi me lo ha chiesto, ma ho avuto "la risposta" alla richesta su dove ha avuto origine LA ZONA 00. Trovate tutti i riferimenti nel libro di Graham Bell, Permaculture Way:
"This started way back when in 1988-90. Bill Mollisons' proposition was that we had Zone 1 immediately outside the homestead in concentric circles out to wilderness. Teaching here in Scotland it became apparent that we lacked Zone 0. The home itself. So then it became apparent we lacked the zone of the inner being. Some debate about whether that should be Zone 00 or Zone -1. I think 00 rang better. If you read the Permaculture Way from that time you'll see it was all there from way back when. Stephen Nutt, Mike Feingold, Andrew Langford, Chris Evans, George Sobol, Patsy Garrard, Briony Jones, Sylvia Eagle, Nancy Woodhead and myself and others all had inputs way back then. Many people ihought we were a bit 'soft' later on. If permaculture is an ethical system it can hardly avoid having a spiritual dimension. But having taught on four continents I can assure you that plants are really easy. It's people who present the greatest challenge. At the end of the day that is who we are designing for. If anyone doesn't get that they don't get permaculture."
A quanto pare i permacultori scozzesi si son inventati anche la zona 0 !
E' bello sapere che ognuno di noi può chiedere ai vari esponenti pionieri della permacultura ed avere delle risposte senza polemiche.
Bello sapere che non è un'idea italiana ma che ha origini da ragionamenti e riflessioni di gruppi scozzesi e anglosassoni.
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