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6 agosto 2010

di Elena Parmiggiani

E in italiano:

Piante che sono invasive: ailanto, robinia, bambù, tifa... Interessante la fermentazione della barbabietola da zucchero per farne alcool...

Camelina sativa: the next wonder crop?
Or is it the same old story AGAIN? It is for arid/dry lands...
Sativa means edible, right? so what about oil for human consumption as well, other than biofuels? It has been traditionally cultivated as an oilseed crop to produce vege...table oil and animal feed.

Then I should add that but I think typha latifolia for bioethanol (benzina) is also a good choice... See More:

My love for cattail will never end
The incredible cattail!
The super Wal-Mart of the swamp
By Kevin F. Duffy