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Ossobuchi e and polenta (EN)

ok, here we are.

Let's start with polenta. there are many kinds (colours, grittiness, etc). we prefer to use yellow or white polenta, bramata (ground not very finely). we do not use quick cook polenta, we use the old style long time polenta.

the water in the pot (quantity according to packet) must be boiling, and already salted. then we pur the polenta while mixing with a wisk. we can add water (hot and not salted) later on if the polenta is too thik. Then we mix it with a wooden spoon, we leave the spoon in the polenta and cover with a lid. the burner must be on low setting and the polenta is mixed again only if one has to check consistency. Time to cook between 40 to 60 minutes, but refer to the packet.

When the polenta is ready simply pour it on a wooden tray or plate from which people can help themselves. If you start serving the polenta from one side (instead ot taking polenta from every corner of the wooden tray) you will have a nice block of leftover polenta that you can cut and fry in the pan with oil or toast in the oven.

If the pot is left unattended, the polenta will dry and the leftovers are easy to take off. Otherwise you can let water sit in the pot to scrub later (after hours).

ossobuchi (veal preferably):

put a knob of butter and olive oil in the pan and then fry minced carrots celery and onions (quantity by eye, meaning as much as you like).

let the vegetables cook until golden brown.

coat the ossobuchi with flour and put them in the pan, frying them for 5 minutes on both sides.

add 1 glass of white wine (preferably dry, not sweet), salt (as needed) and the rind of a lemon (whole or in big strips) and simmer gently, adding stock if needed

cook until tender and soft, at least 40 minutes.

before serving take out the lemon rind as it can be bitter.

Usually we cook the ossobuchi before the polenta, so we can serve the on a very hot polenta.

I hope you like it, I have many other types of sauces to pour over the polenta, one which is very nice is arrabbiata sauce (easy: oil, garlic, tomato, chily pepper, salt), and we never get annoyed ;)